Middle School Tumbling

One of the most basic tumbling skills is the forward roll, followed by the backward roll and cartwheel. Once a person masters these basic skills, he can move on to learning one of the most-used skills in the sport: the round-off. The round-off is similar to a cartwheel, but the feet join in the air and snap down to the floor, turning the forward force from the run-up, into a force that drives the body backward, usually into a back handspring. Once the round-off has been mastered, the back-handspring and a variety of somersaults can be added. These include the tuck, pike, straight and twisting somersaults. Front tumbling basics include front handsprings, where the body remains in straight shape, passing through the handstand position, pushing off the floor with the hands and landing on the feet. Progressions from the front handspring include the front handspring walkout and a front handspring punch front sequence. Aerial cartwheels and the aerial round-off (barani) are also tumbling moves.

As tumblers become confident in the basics of tumbling, they can progress to more advanced skills. Elite tumblers perform at international competitions and compete for world titles. They often perform double somersaults with multiple twists, with five or more skills in a run. As they progress as a tumbler, the amount of twists and somersaults included in the run increases, and the more exciting the sport becomes.

Monday 5:30-6:30

Thursday 6:30-7:30